What Are the Benefits of a Bamboo Cutlery, Chopstick and Straw Set?

The buildup of plastic waste in landfills and the sea, is having a detrimental effect on our environment and wildlife. Toxic chemicals are released from plastic waste, which leaches into the ground and waters. Plastic is resistant to decomposition and much of it ends up in the sea, washed up on beaches and sadly in the stomachs of some animals. Recent studies have found that the ingestion of plastic kills over 100,000 marine birds and marine animals every year!

Thankfully, many parts of the world are starting to take action and in some countries using plastic products is even illegal! In 2017 Kenya banned the use of plastic bags and anyone caught using, selling or producing plastic bags could go to prison or receive a fine of up to $40,000! While the rest of the world is catching up slowly, there’s still a long way to go, but small changes all make a difference.

You can do your bit by carrying a re-usable bag or foldable rucksack you can keep with you to carry shopping. And when travelling, instead of accepting plastic utensils when you buy food from street hawkers, you can carry with you your very own bamboo cutlery set, which has everything you need to eat and drink without adding to the mounds of plastic waste. Here’s some of the fantastic benefits of a bamboo cutlery set.

Super Portable and Light

A bamboo cutlery, chopstick and straw set comes in its own linen pouch keeping everything wrapped up and safe. Bamboo is a light material making it great to take with you on your travels, as it won’t take up hardly any room in your rucksack and you’ll hardly feel it’s there!

Strong and Durable

The tensile strength of bamboo is in-line with steel, making it super strong and durable. You can wash and re-use it over and over, meaning you want have to keep re-investing in new kit.

Resistant to Heat, Stains and Odours

Bamboo is resistant to heat, stain and odours meaning you can eat that garlic curry or super-hot broth and the cutlery won’t show signs of wear or hold onto any pungent smells.

Easy to Clean

Your bamboo cutlery set comes with its own stainless steel cleaning brush, allowing you to give it a good scrub to remove any debris after meals.

Eco-Friendly and Great for the Environment

Bamboo is a fast growing, sustainable grass which can be cut without killing the plant. This means bamboo is a highly renewable, eco-friendly resource great for making many different products. Bamboo is faster growing than any wood and is harvested without the use of any pesticides which is also great for the environment. Bamboo is fully compostable, so when it does eventually reach the end of its life, it will be absorbed back into the earth, again great for the environment.

Bamboo is Naturally Antibacterial and Antifungal

Due to the anti-microbial bio agent called ‘’bamboo kun’’, found naturally living in bamboo fibre, it’s thought that this gives bamboo its antibacterial and antifungal properties. This gives you peace of mind your cutlery set won’t hold onto any nasty microbes after eating out, helping to prevent sickness.

Make sure you take care of your bamboo cutlery set by cleaning it immediately after use with warm water and soap. If you can, treat the bamboo periodically with a food safe mineral oil.

Carrying a bamboo cutlery set with you while travelling is a great way to reduce plastic straw and plastic cutlery waste. The more people that do this, the less plastic waste will be put out into the environment and bit by bit we can reduce the plastic waste that ends up polluting landfills, marine animals bellies and the sea.

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