The Best 3 Thai Islands for Beach Lounging in June

Whilst you’re likely to experience some rain throughout Thailand in the month of June, in certain areas downpours can be more frequent and lengthy, while others it will be short and sharp. When it’s not raining, temperatures are around 29-33 degrees Celsius so a shower can be welcomed to cool you down. Of course if you’re on a short holiday, you probably will want to avoid the areas with monsoon like rain (as you’ve probably had enough of it at home!)

If you’re looking to get some beach time and work on that tan, there are some islands that are more favourable to visit in June than others. The islands and coastal areas on the West side like Phuket, Krabi, Koh Lanta and others that sit in the Andaman Sea, see a lot of rain in this month and many resorts will close down until the weather picks up and the busy season starts again.

Over onto the East side near to the border with Cambodia, the islands of Koh Kood and Koh Chang are particularly wet in these months, where it pelts down almost every day. Great if you want to avoid the crowds or get super discounted accommodation though, as you won’t see many people there! So what are the best Thai islands to visit in June?


Koh Tao

Fondly once known as; ‘a drinking island with a diving problem’, it really does have so much more than this phrase insinuates. It’s one of my favourite Thai islands to visit and once you travel there, you’ll find it hard to leave. It does have a massive diving culture due to the crystal clear waters surrounding it and many nearby smaller islands to explore. But even swimming or snorkeling off of any of the beaches will allow you to see a wealth of marine life.

In June, temperatures sit anywhere between 28-33 degrees Celsius with high humidity. This means when a shower happens, it’s actually a welcome relief from the heat and it usually only lasts for a short time. The rain is also very amenable, with showers nearly always happening in the afternoon or at night, meaning your tanning time at the beach is hardly ever interrupted.



Koh Pha Ngan

Having a bit of a rep as a hedonistic party place due to the monthly full moon parties, this mid-sized mountainous island has so much more to offer with its powder white sands, coconut groves and still thriving fishing villages.

If partying isn’t your thing, you can hop on over to the quieter beaches in the South, West and North of the island. You’ll find something to suit every budget from luxury resorts to tiny budget bungalows on the beach. June will see little if any rain, meaning it should be one of your top picks if thinking of a tanning trip to Thailand in June time.


Koh Samui

Being one of the more well-trodden places to visit in Thailand, Backpackers and adventure seekers first started making their way to Koh Samui in the 1970s. Back then you were lucky to get running water and electricity, but now you’ll be overwhelmed with choices with it overflowing with luxurious resorts, flashpacker guesthouses and of course still a few great budget options.

It’s one of the busier and more overrun Thai islands, having its own International airport and multiple ferry connections. While hordes of tourists visit all year round, June is one of the better months for weather where you likely only see a shower or two if any. While the tourist industry is the main business here, the islands coconut plantations export millions a year to the mainland. Despite the over-development and crowds of tourists, you can find some quieter beaches here like Mae Nam and the lesser known Choeng Mon and Bophut.

These are the best three islands to visit in Thailand in June, if you want the best weather and least rain. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit the other areas; you should just make sure you have a waterproof bag and a good book to keep you busy on the rainy days. You’ll also get great deals on accommodation, so if you’re on a budget and you don’t mind a bit of rain, visit the wetter islands and enjoy getting away from the crowds!


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Happy Island hopping!

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