Gift Ideas for the Travelling Tech Lover in Your Life

If you or someone in your life loves to travel and loves cool gadgets, this post is the perfect place for ideas. Each travel gadget has a cool, unique function that will improve your trip and make life a whole lot easier. Who doesn’t want that!?

You might think you’d want to get away from technology while travelling or backpacking, but as travel gadgets have got; smaller, more powerful and more useful, there’s a few you’ll wonder how you lived without them once you try them. Take a look below to discover the best portable tech travel gadgets you need in your life.

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14W Foldable Solar Charger Panel – £44.99

This is a great gift idea for the adventure tech lover, who wants to keep their phone charged while on the road. Travelling through remote areas can sometimes mean no electrical points to charge a phone at and this solar charger panel can be a lifesaver. Hang it off your backpack to absorb the sun’s rays while walking around and lay your smartphone down on the charger when you stop to bring it back to life.

8X Optical Zoom Telescope Smartphone Camera Lens – £21.99

If you love taking pictures on the road, but don’t want to carry a clunky big camera with you, this smartphone camera lens will enhance your photography and take up much less space in your backpack. It clips onto any smartphone with the built-in clip and the powerful 8x optical zoom telescopic lens will give you super crisp and clear photographs like you’ve never had before. No more blurry, far away shots and having to wonder what you actually took a picture of 6 months down the line!

KuWfi Wireless 4G Router with Sim Card – £64.73

Supporting up to 10 users at a time, this portable wireless router will give you high speed internet anytime and anywhere. Hiking, mountaineering or backpacking through remote areas can mean WIFI is non-existent and this router will let you stay connected. Just insert the sim card and get in touch with loved ones and fit it into your pocket when on the move.

Portable Language Translator - £89.99

If you’re travelling through a new country or are an expat moved to a new area, learning some of the local lingo fast is essential to make life easier. This portable language translator supports up to 30 languages and can help you navigate your way on local transport, in restaurants, making friends with locals and when shopping in a new area. Locals will love that you make the extra effort to speak their language!

Secure Travel Door Alarm - £25.65

Feeling safe when travelling alone or in a new area is paramount and many accommodations you encounter may not have secure locks on the door. This travel door alarm is simply hung over the door handle and the metal clip slid in-between the door and doorjamb – no tools required. The powerful 100DB alarm will alert you and everyone in the vicinity, if there’s an intrusion or break-in meaning you can get a good nights rest!

Multi-Functional Secure USB Charging Backpack – £44.99

This secure, multi-hidden pocket backpack is ideal for the traveller who has multiple electronic devices and wants to keep them safe and charged while on the go. Keep cash, cards and a smartphone near to your chest in the hidden shoulder strap pocket and an extra card in the hidden back pocket. Multiple pockets on the inside, allow you to separate up electronic gadgets and keep them secure with strong zippers. Charge devices while walking around via the built-in USB port, reducing the time you have to sit around waiting for your gadgets to be charged!


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