If You Need Inspiration for Your Next Trip, These are the 5 Travel Blogs You SHOULD be Following

You might be contemplating going on an extended backpacking adventure, or on a few weeks surfing the best sunbeds. Either way it can be hard to exactly know where to start, with there being so many awesome places in the world. Beaches, bustling cities and sprawling mountain ranges can all sound exciting, but how do you know how to plan for these places? Luckily there’s many intrepid adventurers that have trodden the path before you and can advise and inspire on how to get the best from your trip.

But who are these unique people who seem to travel non-stop? These brave souls, who have said NO to the rat race, strapped on their rucksacks and put a middle finger up to conforming to what society says they should be doing. They are people that made IT HAPPEN.......and were brave enough to take a leap of faith to follow their itchy feet. Let’s take a look at 5 of the best travel blogs you should be following in 2019.

The Professional Hobo

Having travelled full-time since 2007, Nora ‘’the Professional Hobo’’ encourages you to never let cost hold you back. Travelling the world on a budget, she gives you tips and tricks on how you can do the same. A former Certified Financial Planner, she really knows her stuff and if you ever thought about full time travel yourself, she can teach you a thing or two!

Be My Travel Muse

Being an award winning solo female traveller for many years, Kristen can teach you how to plan a dream trip whether it’s for a week, month or year. Having written her own guidebook on solo female travel, she has tons of concise advice to stay safe on the road alone, but still get the most out of the experience. If you’ve ever daydreamed, planned and got scared, or thought you’d never travel on your own, Be My Travel Muse is the place to go and get encouragement.

The Blonde Abroad

Stunning photography and a beautiful website are not the only things the ‘Blonde Abroad’ does well, her website gives information on solo travel, female travel, budget travel and adventure travel to name a few. Having travelled to multiple destinations across the globe, this lady really is an inspiration to travel fearlessly, to places you might not ever thought of going.

The Pink Backpack

With a dash of humour and a wry smile, Steph from the Pink Backpack makes you feel right at home having a nose around her blog. She documents her many awkward moments while travelling including; getting narcosis while diving 120ft deep in Belize and getting attacked by a chimpanzee in Tanzania. Through her experiences, she leaves you feeling empowered to get out there and embrace every moment, good and bad!

Alex in Wanderland

Escaping New York and pursuing her love for travel, photography and scuba diving, Alex is really an inspiration for any human thinking about travelling. Inside her beautifully designed website, you’ll find stories, confessions and tips on how to afford your adventures. Having been featured in; Men’s Fitness, National Geographic and Backpacker to name a few, she really is one of the top inspirational solo female travellers to help ignite the wanderlust in you.

Did these top travel blogs inspire you to dust off that backpack and book a ticket? If they did you might want to grab yourself some travel gadgets to help you along those dusty roads. Happy travels!




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