The Benefits and Uses of a Foot Hammock for your Next Trip

Frequent flyers, backpackers and people who sit down all day in an office, will know how uncomfortable it can become on your feet, legs, buttocks and hips, when that numb feeling spreads through your underside.

Having your feet elevated in a foot hammock is an intuitive way to rest those pins and hopefully get the blood flowing back round again. Your foot hammock will have clips to fit onto the majority of objects and should be able to hold up to 100lb in weight. So kick off your shoes, relax back and give your feet a well-deserved rest in a foot hammock.

Benefits of a Foot Hammock

Your feet and legs take a lot of stress having to continually hold your weight and propel you where you want to go. Sitting for long periods can also drain blood away from your feet and legs creating pain and uncomfortable sensations. The foot hammock is one way you can give your feet a break while travelling and while at work.

  • Helps to diminish foot and leg pain/numbness
  • Helps to lessen the risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) which is common on long haul flights
  • Elevates your feet helping to increase blood circulation
  • Position of the hammock can be easily changed
  • Can help to improve your posture when sitting for long periods
  • Can be hung almost anywhere for multi-functional use

Who is a Foot Hammock For?

A foot hammock is suitable for any person young and old. They are especially useful for frequent flyers, backpackers and office workers. If you sit for long periods, the foot hammock is a useful to relieve pain and increase circulation.

Fully adjustable at either side, you can lift or lower your foot position easily. This can help your back stay in alignment and improve your posture over time. Get a foot hammock for yourself or buy one as a gift for that person in your life who sits for long periods of time! You can order yours here. Happy feet means a happy body!

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