The Ultimate 7 Travel Essentials for Women in 2019

Backpacking or Holidaying – You Need These Top Travel Gadgets with You

Whether you’ve decided to take an extended break backpacking or you’re just taking a few weeks to re-charge your batteries, having a few travel essentials will help to ease the journey and make it more comfortable. Not only that, if you’re travelling as a solo female or in a gal crowd, it’s always best to think of your safety and have a few gadgets with you to support this.

Although it’s hard to plan for every eventuality and carry tons of gadgets with you, there are certain ones that should always be in your rucksack. Take a look at our round up of travel accessories that’ll have you adventuring smarter, safer and more enjoyably in 2019.

14W Foldable Charger Panel

If you love adventurous travel, you may regularly find yourself trekking up mountains, kayaking down rivers and camping out in the wild. This means you may not always be near an electrical outlet, but you of course you’ll want to still take pictures and keep in touch with loved ones.

This 14W foldable charger panel is ideal to have in your pocket, allowing you to just open it up, plug your smartphone into the USB cable and let the solar panels put energy back into your device. It works even in low light and can be hung over your backpack with the handy strap. Never get stuck without battery on your electrical goods, with this innovative charger panel.

Mini Handheld Portable Espresso Machine Coffee Maker

I don’t know about you, but I can’t function until I’ve had a few cups of my favourite coffee brew. Backpacking and trekking can take you to some seriously remote places and this little handheld espresso coffee maker could just save your life, (well bring you back to life anyway!).

Make sure you’re stocked up with Nespresso 45ml pods and you simply pump the semi-automatic piston on the side to get a shot. No electricity or batteries needed and its super lightweight, meaning it won’t take up much room in your rucksack.

Secret Hidden Pocket, Infinity Loop Scarf

Keeping your valuables safe on the road is always a worry and it’s always a good idea to have compartments that are out of sight. This looped scarf does exactly that with its super safe, secret hidden zipped pocket built into the fabric.

Scarfs are great to cover your neck up from the harsh sun and to keep you snug on the cooler days. Keep your cash, cards, keys, smartphone and any other small items safe in this secret hidden pocket scarf, while looking right on trend.

Underwear and Small Item Packing Cubes

No more opening your suitcase to a hellish mess, these packing cubes will keep everything neat and organised! Ultra-light and coming in a range of sizes, you can separate items up, ensuring you know where everything is at all times.

Choose from a range of funky colours to match in with your suitcase or current mood. Great as a gift for a fellow traveller or for yourself. Once you try out these packing cubes, you’ll wonder how you travelled without them before!

Velvet Feel Travel Pillow with Extra Neck Support

Neck pillows are essential when spending time on long haul journeys, but the average neck pillow doesn’t always support the neck that well. This neck pillow comes with extra neck support, so when you drift off, your head doesn’t bend too far over, causing neck stiffness and pain.

Covered in a velvety smooth fabric, your skin will enjoy the soft, silky cushioning. Choose from silver, navy and pink colours -- your neck will love this extra supported neck pillow, allowing you to get some proper shut eye when on long haul journeys.

Portable Travel Door Alarm

Safety is paramount when travelling as a solo woman and in a group. Not all places you stay on the road will have the best security and it will give you peace of mind to use a door alarm. This portable travel door alarm is super simple to use, just hang it over the door knob and place the metal clip in-between the door and doorjamb -- no tools required.

If an intruder enters your room, the super powerful 100DB alarm will alert you and probably everyone in the area! It’s a great piece of kit to help keep you safe when travelling and backpacking.

Powstro Flexible Octopus Tripod Stand

While travelling, you’re going to want to capture those perfect shots of you and the beautiful surroundings. This flexible octopus tripod stand is ideal to use, as it can capture pictures at any angles and has sturdy, bendy legs you can move in all directions.

Compatible with most smartphones, it can be used on those epic treks or while you lying on the beach catching some rays. It can even be used to hold your smartphone while catching up on a favourite show or blasting out some tunes.


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